When it comes to technology, we refer to STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. You will find various expressions through the site (Tech, Techno, IT (Information Technology), ICT (Information and Communications Technology). We chose to use the shortcut "tech" because it gives us a sense of belonging, community, although all these terms refer to all branches of STEM.


Feminism is the strong belief in gender equality at political, economic and social levels. It implies women’s emancipation and equality between their rights and men’s rights. It does not imply that anyone should be devalued.


When talking about parity, we are referring to a gender balance of 40%-60% women to men (or, vice-versa, men to women). It’s a widely accepted ratio and we consider this to be a minimum that allows the minority to make its voice heard. Literally, "parity” means equal representation of genders. It’s a tool for equality, which consists in ensuring equal access for women and men to opportunities, rights, choices and material means. The notion of parity is the foundation of policies to counter inequalities between women and men. (Source: INSEE)

Code of conduct

A code of conduct is a set of measures describing the rules and responsibilities of each and everyone. It guides decisions to respect the rights and well-being of all.

Gender-Inclusive Language

It’s a language that avoids gender bias toward either men or women. For example, using plural pronouns instead of single ones avoids to refer to a specific gender, in the case a single pronoun is unavoidable, use both «his or her» and avoid gendered nouns i.e. use «humankind» instead of «mankind» or «poet» instead of «poetess». For further readings, we suggest the book Unbiased Language.

Safe space

Physical or virtual space, positive or neutral. This social phenomenon emerges when marginalized people come together to create a place where marginalization is non-existent and where it is possible to talk about it openly. Support networks are created for those who live in similar situations or whose backgrounds involve similar challenges. It is a place where all people can freely express themselves, and can help themselves to collaborate more easily with people outside the secure area.


When a man explains something to a woman in a condescending way on a topic he has little knowledge but yet assumes it is more than the person he is talking to, it’s «mansplaining». This English neologism is formed from the words «man» and «explaining». (Source: Merriam Webster)


Misogyny is the expression of contempt and hatred towards women. It can take the form of social exclusion, discrimination or violence against women.