Code of conduct

As the event organizer, you commit yourself to adopt the clauses presented in the code of conduct template by signing the manifesto.

Why is the code of conduct important?

The Code of Conduct aims to recognize and affirm our own limitations. It allows us to defend shared values and to show that we care about other humans in a given space. By creating a code of conduct, you give a clear signal that your event will be inclusive and conscientious of the needs of many specific clienteles. 

Organizing an event without a code of conduct would be like getting on a boat without a lifejacket!

The Code of Conduct should clearly state that it is addressed to all stakeholders involved in your event (participants, experts, volunteers, sponsors, etc.) and include clear statements that guide behavior. For example:

❖ Staff should not wear sexualized clothing / uniforms / costumes or create a sexualized environment.

❖ Security personnel must be easily identifiable.

❖ Staff should be easily reachable by telephone or at least by e-mail.

❖ In order to make this event a positive environment, we ask you to use inclusive language, respect different points of view and experiences, criticize constructively and show empathy towards others.

See Code of Conduct Template